Former Hollowed Halls of Historic Building Revitalized

| Wednesday, 19 October 2016 |
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Former Hollowed Halls of Historic Building Revitalized

From its construction as an early center for learning in 1860, Howard School was a haven of education. Yet despite its heritage of academia, the building sat vacant during most of the ‘70s until city officials decided to use it for office space.

In 2008, Howard Hall was transformed into Howard Office Building and is once again a center for education. Only this time, it is teaching visitors the art of sustainability.

In November 2010, General Services completed major green renovations of Fulton Campus, including Howard Office Building. In order to achieve LEED® Silver certification, Howard Office Building’s sustainability features include rooftop solar panels with a display in the lobby showing the electricity produced.

Other sustainable building features within the framework of the Howard Office Building include:


  • Use of native plants and reuse of stormwater runoff

  • Use of T5 bulbs, dimmable ballasts, day lighting controls and occupancy sensors

  • Use of regional materials such as ceramic tile made in Crossville, Tenn.

  • Updated HVAC equipment and ventilation systems

  • Low VOC paint, adhesives and glues


One of the rarest sustainable features of the building are the reuse of the existing structure and site. General Services was able to maintain the historical features of the building while achieving significant building performance gains. The Howard Office Building follows a template that increases the efficiency with which buildings and their sites use energy, water and other materials.


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