Nashville’s Updated Greenhouse Gas Inventory

| Tuesday, 16 May 2017 |

Nashville’s Updated Greenhouse Gas Inventory

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When Mayor Megan Barry signed the Compact of Mayors (now, Global Covenant of Mayors) in 2015, Nashville became one of nearly 650 cities around the world to commit to provide evidence of local climate leadership and showcase the global significance of local actions. The Compact requires signatories to measure and disclose greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions, formulate target emissions reduction goals, and implement an action plan to achieve those goals.

Nashville updated both the community scale and municipal greenhouse gas emissions inventories to fulfill the Compact of Mayors agreement by measuring and disclosing the data. The inventories detail greenhouse gas emissions both for the entire city and for Metro government alone. View a summary of the GHG reports here.


The data show a slight increase in overall emissions compared to 2011, which can be attributed to increased population and a richer dataset in this most recent analysis.



The data show that transportation and buildings (both commercial and residential) are the largest contributors to Nashville’s greenhouse gas emissions.

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