General Services Launches New Sustainability Division

| Wednesday, 24 August 2016 |

General Services Launches New Sustainability Division

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The Department of General Services formally established a new Division of Sustainability in spring 2016 under the leadership of Laurel Creech, the Assistant Director of Sustainability. Creech brings to this role vast experience in directing sustainability campaigns and programming as Chief Service Officer and Director of Office of Environment and Sustainability under former Mayor Karl Dean, and as the founder of Lightning 100’s Team Green Adventures.

Sustainability has long been woven into Department of General Services’ building operations and maintenance best practices. Director Nancy Whittemore further wanted to ensure sustainability was permanently embedded; and therefore, the new Division of Sustainability was created.

This Division aims to integrate sustainable practices into Metro facilities, with the goal to reduce waste, energy use, water use and greenhouse gas emissions.

The Sustainability Division is seated inside the CORE at the LEED®-certified Silver Howard Office Building and is also home to Socket, Unplug Nashville. Socket is DGS’ outreach program focused on educating Metro employees and Nashville citizens on how to live and work in more sustainable ways.

You can follow Socket on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Instagram.

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