General Services supports healthy food choices throughout its operations. The department’s vending machines feature healthy options. The department is embarking on a pilot compost collection program to work toward diverting food waste from the landfill, which is a major source of greenhouse gas emissions. This pilot program supports the Mayor’s Food Saver Challenge initiative.

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  • Socket's Sustainable Garden Tips

    Spring is just around the corner, peeking out from behind those winter clouds more and more each week. Soon the birds will return, the bees will start buzzing, and budding trees and plants will be around every corner. Springtime in Tennessee is one of SOCKET’s favorite things about this state. With the return of nice weather comes the return of the faithful Tennessee gardener. The planning process begins with imagination; the contemplative stare of a gardener over their currently bare backyard plot is unmistakable. Whether they are accessing mental notes of what did and did not work last year or combing through online articles for tips and ideas on what to try next , the gardening season starts now for the local agriculturalist of any experience level.


Socket's Tips: Ways to Eat Well