General Services promotes physical activity at work by encouraging walking, taking the stairs, choosing healthy food options, and enjoying the green spaces that surround many of our facilities. To support workplace wellness and comfort, the department strives to ensure optimal lighting settings, thermal comfort tailored to each occupant, and access to natural daylight. Small, everyday decisions can make a big difference in health and well being for Metro employees and visitors.

Wellness News & Events

  • Green Spring Cleaning Tips

    Warmer weather is just around the corner! Spring is nature’s way of bringing in new life, new beginnings, and hopefully new cleaner, greener habits! Most everyone waits in dread or anticipation for their households’ annual spring cleaning projects to begin. This year, why not consider the environmental impact of common cleaning habits. Socket is here with a few ideas on how to form eco-friendly routines. 


Socket's Tips: Ways to Improve Wellness