Lentz Health Center - LEED® Silver

Lentz Health Center - LEED® Silver

LEED® Silver 2015


Building Features:


  • 106,080 square foot space under public-private ownership with HCA

  • Houses 300 Metro Public Health Department employees

  • Focal point of the lobby is a monumental staircase placed to encourage taking the stairs

  • Includes an indoor walking track that measures 1/8 of a mile, and a ¼ mile outdoor walking trail available to employees and community members

  • Two electric vehicle charging stations

  • All the finishes are low VOC (Volatile Organic Compound) finishes, including adhesives and sealants; paints and coatings; carpet; and composite wood and agrifiber products

  • Building  ventilation system provides 30 percent more fresh air than is required by code

  • Lighting system is controlled by occupancy sensors and daylight sensors.

  • When daylight levels provide adequate light, the fixtures dim to reduce energy consumption

  • An on-site retention pond collects storm water, allowing for slower, cleaner, and more manageable flows into the stormwater system

  • Roof drains and mechanical condensate are piped to a 10,000 gallon underground cistern that serves to irrigate the landscaping

  • Water efficient plumbing fixtures were used.

  • Construction waste was managed to reduce the amount of material ending up in a landfill

  • Roof has a highly reflective surface which reduces radiant heat generated at its surface

  • Project selected refrigerants and HVACR equipment that minimize or eliminate the emission of compounds that contribute to ozone depletion and global warming

  • Reduced potable water use by 35 % from a calculated baseline case through the installation of low-flush water closets and urinals and low-flow lavatories and sinks

  • No potable water is used for irrigation purposes