Midtown Hills Police Precinct - LEED® Gold

Midtown Hills Police Precinct - LEED® Gold

LEED® Gold 2014


LEED® Scorecard


Building Features:

  • 23,000 square foot precinct  brought added police protection to a 46-square mile area that includes the communities of Edgehill, Green Hills, Forest Hills, Oak Hill, Crieve Hall and Nippers Corner (Vanderbilt, Belmont and Lipscomb universities are also covered within this area)

  • Full-service precinct housing patrol and flex tour offices, an investigative unit and a team of undercover detectives designated to answer neighborhood drug complaints.

  • Houses a 2,000 square foot community room to host neighborhood meetings and other events

  • Energy savings are enhanced through CO2 based ventilation control

  • Lighting controls consist of wall or ceiling mounted occupancy sensors for energy efficiency

  • Provides close proximity to essential community services such as public transportation, sidewalks and businesses, allows access by both pedestrians and bicyclists

  • A white TPO roof membrane with a solar reflective index(SRI) of 78 or more used to reduce the heat island effect of the precinct building

  • Landscaping included native and drought resistant plants that use a drop line irrigation system that reduces dependency on potable water

  • Plumbing fixtures within the building will include pint flush urinals, 1.1gallon per flush toilets and lavatories  with 1 gallon per minute aerators