Division of Sustainability

Division of Sustainability

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The Department of General Services (DGS) Sustainability Division integrates sustainable practices throughout the department’s programs, projects, and operations with the goal to reduce energy, waste, and greenhouse gas emissions. The Division works to educate Metro employees and the citizens of Nashville about DGS’ sustainability achievements and how to work and live sustainably in eight core areas: water, waste, mobility, wellness, food, greenspace, design/ build, and energy.


The Sustainability team is implementing sustainable practices for all aspects of the Department of General Services, including the Center of Responsible Energy (CORE), operations and maintenance in new and existing buildings, fleet, print services, and facility and grounds maintenance.


Sustainability at Metro


Sustainability is important to Metro because preserving our environment and conserving natural resources improves our quality of life and the lives of generations to come. Making Nashville the most sustainable city in the Southeast will not only set us apart as leaders in the region, but will help Metro be a good steward of the environment and our financial resources.


Metro’s sustainability efforts are infused throughout Metro including leadership from the Mayor’s Office and the Livable Nashville Committee. Priority areas for the Mayor’s Livable Nashville include energy efficiency, waste reduction, water quality and conservation, transportation and infrastructure, and much more. The Committee will build upon the accomplishments of the 2009 Green Ribbon Committee goals and develop a shared vision for preserving and enhancing Nashville’s livability and environmental quality.


Metro has a LEED® ordinance stating that all Metro buildings 5,000 square feet or higher must be built or renovated to LEED® Silver or greater levels of certification. DGS has built 21 LEED® certified buildings and currently manages 20 LEED® certified facilities. LEED® certified facilities include 12 LEED® Silver, 8 LEED® Gold and 1 LEED® Platinum. LEED® facilities under construction include the Criminal Justice Center and the Metro Nashville Police Department Headquarters and Family Justice Center.