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Laurel Creech

Laurel Creech

Tuesday, 18 June 2019
Kids Corner - Socket's Sustainability Art Contest
Enter your drawing into Socket's Sustainability Art Contest! Nashville kids ages 3-10 are eligible.
Socket's Crafts
Check out Socket's Crafts and make some sustainable crafts at home.
Socket's Coloring Book
Download our Coloring Book and have fun coloring in Socket and all of his friends.


Socket's Stories
Read all about Socket's days and how he lives sustainably
Socket's Games
Socket has found some fun sustainability games for you to play.


Tuesday, 04 June 2019

Early one morning, rays of sunlight came through the window and into Socket’s room.

Socket woke up when he saw the light, yawning and stretching out his arms and legs.

“It feels good to stretch after a long night of sleep.” Socket said

Socket got up and scratched behind his ear. He always seemed to get an itch there.

Socket looked at the clock.

“Oh, it’s time to get ready for the day!”

Socket jumped in the shower, and made sure to keep it short.

“Short showers save water,” Socket said. “And I want to be sure I only use what I need!”

Over at the sink, Socket saved more water! He turned the faucet off while he brushed his teeth.

Before heading out the door, Socket made sure to fill up his reusable water bottle. “Plastic is for the environment,” Socket said, “So I like to keep my water in something that will last a long time!”

Socket turned off all the lights before he left, and now he was ready to head to work!

Putting on his handy-dandy safety helmet, Socket climbed onto his bike!

“Some people drive to work, but I like to bike!” Socket said. “Biking is better for the planet and it helps keep me healthy.”

Socket rode his bike along the street, waving at people along the way and breathing in the fresh morning air.

At work, Socket parks his bike out front and chooses to take the stairs instead of the elevator to get to his office.

Socket gets to spend his day in the C.O.R.E. (Center of Responsible Energy) teaching other people in Nashville about sustainability.

“Sustainability is the idea that we can all live without causing harm to the environment! I love teaching people how they can go green!”

At lunch time, Socket eats his veggie wrap. Eating vegetables is better for the environment and it helps Socket keep his energy up!

“I picked these veggies from my garden!” Socket said. “When food travels a long way, it has to be taken by car, which means that harmful gases go into the air. The closer you get your food, the less harmful gases there will be!”

Socket ate strawberries for dessert. When he was done, he tossed the tops of the strawberries into the compost bin.

“Composting takes food scraps and turns them into nutrient-rich dirt! When you compost you avoid wasting food, instead you help grow new fresh food with scraps.”

After work, Socket met up with his friends to take a walk in the park. They walked in their favorite Nashville park and made sure to pick up any litter they saw!

At the end of their walk they put the litter into the recycle bin, but they made sure all the pieces were clean and dry first!

“What a great day!” Socket said. “I can’t wait to do it again tomorrow and help all my friends make environmentally-friendly choices.”

Monday, 03 June 2019

Socket's Crafts
Turn Plastic Spoons into
Garden Markers



What you’ll need:

  • Plastic spoons
  • Markers
  • Optional: Stickers, sequins, paint

1. Make sure your plastic spoons are clean and dry.

2. Paint or decorate each spoon a different color, design, etc. Make sure you leave room to write the name of each plant in the middle.

3. Look at what you have planted in your garden! Write the name of each plant on the spoon.

4. Allow time for all paint/marker residue to dry.

5. Stick the spoons in the garden next to each plant!


Monday, 03 June 2019

Socket's Crafts
Build a Bird Feeder from a
Recycled Milk Jug



This craft requires cutting so you’ll need an adult to help you!

What you’ll need:

  • Clean, empty milk jug
  • Twine or string
  • Wooden dowels or twigs
  • Craft glue (optional)
  • Scissors, box cutter, or an exacto knife
  • Craft paint/markers/stickers (Whatever you want to use to decorate!)
  • Bird seed!

1. Start with your clean, empty jug.

2. Use the cutting tool to cut a small hole in each of the four sides of the milk jug.
(The holes should be roughly the size of your dowels.)

3. Slide the wooden dowels or twigs into one hole and out the opposite hole.

4. Cut a rectangular hole above each perch.

5. (Optional) Glue the sticks together at the
crisscross to ensure that they don’t slide out.

6. Decorate the jug using paint, markers, stickers, or anything else you’d like! Get creative!

7. Cut a hole in the cap of the jug and tie the string or twine through the hole. When you screw the cap back on, it should hold the string in place.

8. Fill the bottom of the feeder with bird
seed and hang!

Monday, 27 May 2019

Enter your drawing into Socket's Sustainability Art Contest!
Nashville kids ages 3-10 are eligible. Deadline for entries is July 1. Winners announced July 8.

Who & What is Socket?

Socket is Metro Nashville Government’s sustainability education program, and Socket the Dog is our mascot. Socket teaches us how to “go green!”

At Socket, we love teaching about sustainability. Sustainability often takes creativity and imaginative thinking. This summer, Socket invites kids to go green and get creative!


Grab a piece of paper and create a picture of Socket the Dog doing something environmentally friendly. Socket could be riding a bike, planting a garden, or anything else. Use your imagination!

Take a Pic

Either take a picture of your drawing OR scan it.


Upload your drawing and complete the submission form below so we have your info. If you provide us with a mailing address, we will mail you a Socket coloring book and a sticker for FREE!


Check the Socket website and follow us on social media to see your drawing featured!


Winners announced July 8.
Deadline for entries July 1.

One submission per child. All eligible drawings will be featured on Socket’s website and social media.

Ages 3 - 6

1st - One-Year Family Membership to the Nashville Zoo
2nd - Sustainable Art Gift Basket
3rd - S.T.E.M. Creativity Box

Ages 7 - 10

1st - One-Year Family Membership to the Nashville Zoo
2nd - Adventure Science Center Family Day Passes
3rd - S.T.E.M. Creativity Box

Judges for the Socket Sustainability Art Contest are staff from the Division of Sustainability, Metro Department of General Services.