Howard Office Building - LEED® Silver

LEED® Silver 2015


LEED® Scorecard


Building Features:


  • 145,000 square feet building is home to three elected officials, two Metro departments and the Center for Responsible Energy (CORE), Information Technology Services and Finance Departments, as well as the county clerk and property assessor’s office

  • On-site renewable energy - solar panel installation

  • Within walking distance of 10 community services and multiple public bus stops

  • Use of T5 bulbs, dimmable ballasts, day lighting controls, automatic lighting plans and occupancy sensors

  • Electric vehicle charging stations

  • To reduce the “heat island” effect, lightly color roofing materials used

  • Bicycle parking, on-site showers and changing rooms for employees to encourage walking and biking to work

  • Use of native plants in green spaces

  • 50% vegetated open space through reduced surface parking stalls and paved areas

  • 50% water use reduction from efficient indoor plumbing fixtures

  • 18% energy cost savings from high performance HVAC and lighting systems

  • 17% regional materials used such as ceramic tile made in Crossville, TN

  • 95.3% workstations with lighting controls for occupants

  • 100% post-consumer recycled plastic restroom stalls

  • 34,689 kWh on-site renewable energy generated by rooftop solar panels

  • 5% annual cost offset from the solar panels