The nearly 4,000,000 square feet under General Services’ purview runs the gamut from office buildings and police and fire stations to libraries and community centers. Following Metro’s LEED Ordinance, General Services has designed and built 21 LEED® facilities. In 2016, General Services-managed LEED® buildings avoided energy costs of more than $777,700 compared to non-LEED® comparable buildings.

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Invest in Renewables

  • Sun and wind provide abundant clean energy. Whether you install solar panels on your roof or purchase renewable energy credits (RECs) from elsewhere, you can help the energy grid be greener. Learn more at our blog.

Rightsize your home

  • Homes with wasted space also waste energy. Rightsize your home by selecting a dwelling that meets – but does not exceed – your space needs. If you are already in a home that’s too large, shut off unused rooms and vents to save energy.