Because energy is the largest contributor to Nashville’s greenhouse gas emissions and can be a high cost in operating facilities, General Services’ monitors and manages its energy use from a state-of- the-art energy management facility, the Center of Responsible Energy (CORE). The CORE ensures building occupant comfort, while maintaining temperatures and lighting levels for maximum efficiency. Eight General Services buildings have rooftop solar panels, which generated a combined 142 MWh in 2017 enough to power 16 homes for a year!

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  • The Beauty and Benefits of Dark Skies
    The Beauty and Benefits of Dark Skies

    Can you remember the last time you saw a dark night sky, full of stars and planets, in vivid detail? For many of us living in the world’s cities, the answer may be “no” or “never.” When we think of pollution, we don’t often think of the lights that line our streets and illuminate our buildings. This week is International Dark Sky Week, so let’s dive into some related questions: what is light pollution, what are its effects, and how can we manage it?


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