Socket's Tips: Ways to Eat Well

General Services supports healthy food choices throughout its operations. The department’s vending machines feature healthy options. The department is embarking on a pilot compost collection program to work toward diverting food waste from the landfill, which is a major source of greenhouse gas emissions. This pilot program supports the Mayor’s Food Saver Challenge initiative.

Socket's Tips: Ways to Eat Well

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Start a backyard garden

Visit the Nashville Farmers Market or your local farmers’ market.

  • Farmers’ markets are not only an awesome resource for healthy, fresh, local food, but they are a great way to support your local economy.

  • Nashville Farmers’ Market is open seven days a week and located right in the heart of downtown!

Eat organic and local

  • Eating organic can have many benefits not just for you, but for our environment too. While you consume less pesticides, antibiotics, artificial ingredients and growth hormones, organic farms discharge less harmful chemicals to nearby waterways, thus contributing to a healthier and safer ecosystem where biodiversity can thrive. (USDA)

  • Connect with fresh food and support the local economy, by buying from Middle Tennessee farmers from the Nashville Farmers’ Market, a neighborhood market, local grocer, or directly from the farm! PickTN products is a good resource for finding what you need.

  • Many of Nashville’s restaurants now source their ingredients from local growers. Be sure to ask what’s local on the menu and look for the Nashville Grown seal.

Reduce your meat consumption

  • The livestock industry accounts for a substantial amount of the world’s greenhouse gas emissions and pollution. (Time)

  • According to the American Dietetic Association, eliminating animal products and by-products from your diet in an appropriately-planned way can be “healthful, nutritionally adequate, and provide health benefits in the prevention and treatment of certain diseases.” (American Dietetic Association)

Choose healthy, nutritious food options

  • When cooking for the work week or deciding where to go out to lunch, remember to choose healthy options.

  • Eating healthy, nutritious food helps to improve your mental focus and productivity at the office and cuts down on sick days.

  • Also remember to choose healthy food options that are served in low-waste containers for catered lunches and events.

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