Socket's Tips: Ways to Improve Mobility

General Services supports expanded mobility and greener transportation options. The department manages 49 electric vehicle charging ports in 17 locations, all of which are available for use free of charge. In addition, the Office of Fleet Management manages a consolidated city fleet including 13 electric Nissan LEAFs and 3,400 vehicles, more than half of which are flex fuel, CNG, or electric, contributing to less emissions and cleaner air.

Check out our Metro Nashville EV Charging Station Map

Socket's Tips: Ways to Improve Mobility

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Carpool with coworkers

  • Carpooling to work with your co-workers saves you gas, helps the environment and allows you to take the HOV lane so you can get to work faster. You could even start a carpooling network in your office to get more people involved.

  • Metro also offers a Green Parking Permit providing free metered parking for vehicle owners that purchase carbon offsets.

  • Check with your employer to see if they offer designated parking spots for those who carpool with co-workers.

Take public transportation

  • Use Music City Transit Tracker app to plan your trip. Public transportation takes cars off the road and prevents pollution.

  • MTA also makes it easy to ride with real-time information on bus arrivals through or the Music City Transit Tracker app.

  • MTA will also provide a route coordinator to actively ride with you and show you how to use MTA for your commute.

  • Full-time Metro employees and MNPS students qualify for a FREE MTA EasyRide pass.

  • The Music City Star train is a great option for trips east of Nashville.

Bike for business and pleasure

  • Nashville has lots of bike parking all over town. Biking saves you gas and helps prevent pollution by taking cars off the road.

  • B-Cycle, a bike-share program, has stations with bikes for rent all over town! Check out B-Cycle Station Locations

Take a Walk

Charge your electric vehicle at a station around Nashville

  • If you drive an electric vehicle, find one of the EV charging stations here.

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