theConnection - July 2018

theConnection - July 2018

The new Metro Nashville Police Headquarters/ Family Safety Center that is being built on Murfreesboro Pike is installing a 300kW rooftop solar array. These solar panels will convert the sun’s energy into electricity in a clean and sustainable manner. This array is almost ten times the size of Department of General Services’ next largest solar installation at LEED® Platinum Fire Station 19.

Nashville hosted more than 50 sustainability directors from cities across the Southeast U.S. for a 3-day conference in May. The Department of General Services kicked off the conference by showcasing the Center of Responsible Energy (CORE), our innovative nexus of energy management and planning.

Learn how Metro is reducing $6,000 annually on energy bills at Bellevue Library with our all new video above, “Energy Utilization Index”. Through careful monitoring and energy management, public dollars are being reduced while also decreasing greenhouse gas emissions too. General Services’ Energy Manager, Freddie Adom, and our Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy Specialist, Michelle Hamman, take you on a journey of energy savings in this new video.

Nashville’s Bellevue Branch Library has an incredible book collection and great community programs, and now the library boasts a brand new Socket educational kiosk and interactive wall. Visit the kiosk to view videos and play sustainability games, plus move the wall icons to reveal sustainability tips.

Taking time to stop and smell the roses is something we all wish we did more often. Second best? Take a virtual tour of the roses, hydrangea, tulip poplars and myriad other beautiful and functional plantings that grace the campuses of Department of General Services facilities. Our landscapes are designed to be aesthetically pleasing, as well as functional, helping provide shade, erosion control, habitat, and storm water management.

Drum-roll, please! In 2017, Metro Department of General Services' high performance buildings avoided $483,000 in energy costs AND conserved 9.7 million gallons of water!

How does Metro Water Services detect pollution flowing into our waterways? Watch the video above to find out!

Also, learn how wind and solar power can help provide reliable energy to remote sites of Metro Water Services in this video.

Atop Nashville’s highest point, Love Circle, Metro Water Services is testing the feasibility of wind and solar energy to power some of its remote sites.

More than 700 people visited Socket’s booth at Nashville’s Earth Day Festival this year! The long line was worth the wait for Socket coloring books, a chance to win at sustainability trivia, and stickers. Socket the Dog met lots of adoring fans, who marveled at his ability to keep cool with all that fur!

Early one Saturday, 1,300 bicyclists of all shapes and sizes embarked on an urban bike ride in the 14th Annual Tour de Nash. Rides ranged from 8 miles to more than 40 miles, as bike enthusiasts of all ages gathered to celebrate on two wheels. Socket cheered on the riders, including staff from Metro Department of General Services, Metro Planning Department, and Mayor Briley.