Waste reduction and responsible waste management support Nashville’s citywide long term zero waste goals. As the Department of General Services strives to reduce waste in Metro facilities and citywide, Metro Public Works' Waste Wizard app can help you place waste in its proper place.



The items below can be recycled in Metro Government buildings and in Davidson County curbside bins. Be sure items are clean and dry. Additional items are recyclable at Metro Public Works’ Drop Off Sites and Convenience Centers, as well as other locations. See the Waste Wizard for more details.



Corrugated cardboard, cardboard boxes, tissue boxes, cereal boxes, paper towel and toilet paper tubes.

Plastic Bottles, Jars, & Jugs

Drink bottles, milk and juice jugs, plastic food jars, kitchen, laundry, and bath bottles and jugs.

Food and Drink Cans

Metal food and drink cans.

Paper & Cartons

Paper & Cartons.


The items below can be composted in Metro Government buildings that have composting bins and at
Metro Public Works’ four Convenience Centers.


Food Scraps

Fruits, vegetables, spices, herbs, coffee grounds and filters, tea bags, dairy products, eggs, egg shells, meat, shellfish, fish, bones, shells, grains (such as breads, pasta, rice, cereals, baked goods), snack foods, candy, nut shells, leftovers.

Soiled Paper Products

Coffee filters, paper napkins, paper towels, cotton balls, tissues, greasy pizza boxes, paper take-out containers, paper egg cartons, paper cups and plates (ensure they are 100% paper).

Vegetation & Other

Flowers, grass clippings, houseplant cuttings, leaves/ yard waste, wood chips/ twigs, dryer lint, hair and nail clippings, pet food and pet hair.



Items that are neither recyclable nor compostable may need to be disposed of as landfill trash. As our landfills in Middle Tennessee reach capacity, reducing landfill waste is an important priority for Metro government and residents.

Examples of trash include: candy wrappers, chip bags, styrofoam, plastic toys, pet waste, diapers.
For Davidson County residents, your trash collection schedule is located here.


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    Embracing a Zero Waste Journey

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