Socket's Tips: Ways to Improve Wellness

General Services promotes physical activity at work by encouraging walking, taking the stairs, choosing healthy food options, and enjoying the green spaces that surround many of our facilities. To support workplace wellness and comfort, the department strives to ensure optimal lighting settings, thermal comfort tailored to each occupant, and access to natural daylight. Small, everyday decisions can make a big difference in health and well being for Metro employees and visitors.

Socket's Tips: Ways to Improve Wellness

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Take advantage of the Nashville Public Library “Be Well” program

  • From yoga and exercise classes to cooking and informational classes, find it all on NPL’s Be Well website.

Get outside and visit a Metro Park and stay active

Take the stairs

  • If 200 of us all chose the stairs for only 10 flights per week we could save 36 kWh and burn a collective 6,000 calories. That is like 20 cheese burgers. Move that up to 2,000 of us and we save 250 kWh and burn a collective 60,000 calories.

Walk to work or during your lunch break

  • You and your co-workers can start work walking club. Check out this step-by-step guide for how to start a walking club at your office.

Adopt a green cleaning policy

  • Many of us spend long hours inside office walls each day. Using green cleaning practices prevents exposure to toxic chemicals and improves indoor air quality.

  • General Services’ Green Housekeeping Policy assures that offices are cleaned with non-toxic cleaning products that are better for the environment.

Download the NashVitality app or visit

  • The NashVitality mobile app is a free, easy-to-use tool to learn about all the places to be healthy and active in Nashville. It also includes information on recycling centers and other green resources.

  • NashVitality’s website offers many great resources for building a healthier work environment, including tips on smoking cessation, eating healthy and incorporating physical activity into your day. Other Nashvitality resources include:

LEED® buildings support health

  • Department of General Services maintains 20 LEED® Silver or higher buildings. See a map here.

  • Working in a LEED® facility means improved indoor air quality because of the use of low VOC (volatile organic compound) building materials.

  • LEED® buildings are also designed intentionally for increased physical activity and proximity to public/active transport. Learn more about LEED® at

Engage for wellness

  • Being active and engaged in your community supports physical and mental health.

  • Participate in a community tree planting (annual events on Arbor Day and ReLeafing Day in November)

  • Volunteer with Hands on Nashville’s Home Energy Savings program

  • Volunteer with Urban Green Lab when it visits MNPS schools.


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